Simplifying My Journal

Keeping a journal is my thing. When life was simpler, I used to write down my thoughts every night before I sleep. Then I got married and Jed would tease me about my habit. Life happened. I quit my job, moved cities, had a kid - in short, I could not write religiously as before.  

So what did I use as a journal?

My journals

I had no problem redeeming a Starbucks planner as toffee nut latte is one of my favorite drinks. When I wasn't too happy with the Starbucks planner, I discovered those girly Belle Du Jour planner. Then I realized the BDJ planner is not mommy-friendly so I stopped using it. 

I finally owned an iPad which means journaling turned digital. I now use an app called Chronicle to write down my thoughts and prayer. It's still what I use up to this day.

Until I discovered this excellent idea through Pinterest.  The main idea is to write down just the highlight of your day in an index card keeping it as short as possible. This will go on for the next years until the card gets full. I like the concept. It's simple and if I write everyday it would fun to see what I had been doing a particularly day when I write down my entry the following year. 


But of course, I had to customize and create my own version of the great project. Instead of index cards, I looked for a small notebook with enough pages. 

I found just the right Moleskine notebook. Moleskine proved to be sturdy so I did not mind spending a little more if the notebook will last me years. 

Look what I picked - Moleskine Le Petit Prince (The Little Prince) edition 

My new Moleskine journal

Now that begins the first of my many projects for 2012.

What do you plan to start this new year? 

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