Print Your Own 2012 Calendars

Gone are the days when I would troop to the local bookstore and buy myself some nice yet expensive calendar. Since I no longer work, I do not get those freebie desk calendars. As a stay-at-home mother, my needs have changed and while a desk calendar may look pretty, I need a more functional monthly calendar that I can write on.

A big thanks to blogsphere and sites such as Tip Junkie, I found several free printable calendars that would suit my every need.

To those who has not gotten their 2012 calendar yet, I am sharing with you those that I love.

Please click on the link of each caption to direct you to the website where you can download the calendars.

Year At-A-Glance

From Creative Mama
From Clementine Creative

From Red Stamp
From Home Life Weekly


From Tricia Rennea

From Home Life Weekly

From Creative Mama

From Tom Kat Studio

From Tip Junkie

From Clementine Creative

And I found this really pretty Birthday Calendar from Elephant Shoe Love via The Pretty Blog

From Elephant Shoe Love
The other thing I love about printing your own calendar is you can adjust the size and print just the right one for your needs.

Happy printing! May we look forward to 2012 with so much hope. 
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