End of the Year Update of my Starbucks City Mug Collection

I started seriously collecting Starbucks City mugs this year. From my one and only Cebu mug at the beginning of the year, I now have 17+1 in my collection. At first I wanted city mugs from cities I have been to, but a fellow collector convinced me to collect from the rest of the cities. I particularly like the current style so might as well collect and collect. Got into thinking that when I visit the other cities someday, the current collection may no longer be available.

You may wish to read my previous posts on my collection here.

Special thanks to my husband, siblings and best friend for collecting for me and lugging my mugs in their checked in baggage and carry ons. 

After my trip to Manila, I have 9 more new cities.  It's either I bought them personally, or were given to me as gifts.


Tokyo - the odd man out

Below is an updated list of the city mugs I now own (as of 26 December 2011) --

1. Bacolod
2. Bali
3. Bangkok
4. Boracay
5. Cebu
6. Chiang Mai
7. Jakarta
8. Manila
9. Melbourne
10. Pampanga
11. Pattaya
12. Phuket
13. Shanghai
14/15. Singapore (2 versions)
16. Sydney
17. Tagaytay
plus Tokyo

I am open to trading. I can source city mugs here in Thailand. You may send me an e-mail message at irmaloveslife@gmail.com.

Here's to more travels and friends/family who travel willing to buy me mugs in 2012!

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  1. Hi Irma, all the mugs arrived safely!!! They are currently in the dishwasher. We were trying to figure out if we spent the same amount of money and I think you spent more. They seemed to be about $13.50 with the current exchange rate, so I'll have to send you and extra one the next time!!! I think we figured out the ones from Germany were also about $13.50, so maybe that is the price in the rest of the world. Let me know if you want any from Germany or any other US ones. On our trip to Italy we will stop in Frankfurt and I know that airport has all the German City mugs. I hope you have gotten yours and they are NOT BROKEN!!!! Let me know! I'll send you a photo when they're out of the dishwasher. FYI the one from Pampanga is a really nice color, not the same blue as we have here & I love the purple one!!!

  2. Hi. R u willing to sell?


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