2011: A Year in Review

I failed to work on a newsletter that would go out with our Christmas cards. When I found a format I like, it was already too late as I needed to mail out the cards right away. And with the format I wanted I had to learn a little bit of Photoshop which still confuses me.

For now I will do a simpler version of of what happened to me/us in 2011.

Will always be wherever we three are.
But for this year, home has been Bangkok, Thailand.
We moved to our place early this year so it's the our first spending the holidays at our home. 

Jed and I have been married for 4 years!!
Javi turned two years old and is now officially  a toddler.
We found our church and met awesome friends!

We finally went around Thailand and visited Pattaya, Ayutthaya, Chiang Mai and Phuket.
Jed went on his business trips to Australia and China.
We went back to the Philippines and went back to our favorite places such as Boracay and Tagaytay.


Still working for the Shangri-La group. Attended his very first small group/bible study. Plays the keyboard in church on some Sundays. 

Mastering the art of being a full-time homemaker and mother. Blogging when I find the time. Belongs to a mommies small group. Loving my time here in Bangkok.

Hospitalized for the first time. Learned how to walk, run, hop and jump. Still in the process of learning how to talk. Is just the most adorable kid to mommy and daddy. Charms mommy every single day. Finished his first swimming class last summer. Attending a weekly Kinderjam class.



Jed and I went on "date nights"/Watched the Hillsong United concert./Started our Sunday evening "movie night" tradition./Got wired this year with our BlackBerry and iPads./Had more visitors and people to meet up here in Bangkok than Cebu./Survived the flood crisis in Thailand.

Watch out 2012, we are welcoming you with open arms!

So how was your 2011?

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  1. I feel blessed reading your post! God is so good to you! Wishing you many many more wonderful things this year! Hugs!!! - Malen

  2. Awww...how sweet, Malen! Thank you! And He has taken care of very well, too. May you have an awesome, 2012.


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