Thank you, Mr. Jobs

This morning I woke up to sad news.

Apple co-founder and chairman has died.

I found out through CNN's notification on my iPad.

The world has lost a visionary. 
And there may be no greater tribute to Steve’s success than the fact 
that much of the world learned of his passing on a device he invented.
US President Barack Obama

“Steve Jobs was the greatest inventor since Thomas Edison. 
He put the world at our fingertips.”
- Steven Spielberg 
(one of the founders of Pixar rival, DreamWorks Animation)

"Steve, your passion for excellence is felt by anyone who has ever touched an Apple product (including the macbook I am writing this on right now)."
- Sergey Brin, Google co-founder

I do not know anything about Jobs’ spiritual life or his relationship to Christ. 
I know, however, that Steve Jobs made an incredible contribution to the field
of Christianity. God has used his efforts for good.

Did you know --!/jwmoss/status/121787093683945472

May we be inspired with his life.

Steve Job's Stanford Commencement Address in 2005

And his 15 best inspirational quotes.

Thank you for my iPod mini in Pink, iPod Classic, Jed's iPhone and our iPads. These things made our lives easier and more enjoyable.

Rest in peace, Mr. Jobs.
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