"I'm so excited and I just can't hide it..."

This is exactly what I am feeling right now. In less than a  week, we will be home. Yes, Philippines will always be home even if we live here in Bangkok.

I had been so busy the past week I couldn't find the time to blog. As you know, Thailand is suffering from one of the worst flood ever. Please keep on praying for this country, and somehow we will be spared. For the first time in my life, I joined the panic buyers in stocking up food and necessities. Having a son really did change my views as I do not really panic.

Now back to happy thoughts.. We haven't been back home since we moved here last December. We are going home for my mother's 65th birthday. There is no grand party, we just want to celebrate the day with her. As it turns out, Javi will also be celebrating his 2nd birthday in the Philippines. We wold also be home for Halloween/All Saint's day. The timing couldn't have worked perfectly. So looking forward to spending time with family and friends.

I have this list in my mind (I have not written it down yet) of what I want to do while back in the Philippines. It's a random list of what I want to do and eat, and places to go.

  • First stop would have to be supermarkets! Oh how I've missed SM (Savemore) and Landmark where every single item is familiar. I can't wait to "hoard" things we have missed like red hotdogs, pancit canton, corned beef and try new items on the shelves. Would you also believe I am looking forward to buying Pampers diapers as that brand is not being sold in Thailand?

  • I have missed my mother's home cooked meals but I also miss eating at the fast food chains like McDonald's (remember there is no Quarter Pounder here in Thailand), and introduce Javi to Jollibee. My list is so long it includes Tapa King, Bacolod Chicken, etc.
  • As Javi is eating regular food now, I can't wait for him to try food that are distinctly Pinoy such as taho, lugaw (rice porridge) and pancit from Nory's, and so much more. I just know he will like them.

  • Living in a city like Bangkok made us miss the beach so we are off somewhere with white sand.

  • We want to hang out in UP so Javi can enjoy running (yes he prefers running to walking now) in the garden and eat lunch at the Beach House. I can almost taste the pork barbeque, ginisang monggo and salted egg.    

  • We are looking forward to driving again. It would feel weird to be on a left-hand side road and not riding the train to go to places. Traffic is not scaring us. I really believe Bangkok traffic is worse.

My grin is up to ear as I write this. It would be great to be home.

Well, I have to go back to reality and take care of errands/tasks before we leave. And then there's the task I am avoiding, packing! Packing is something I used to enjoy. But now that I am packing for the entire family, it is no fun!

To our family and friends, see you very very soon!
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  1. oh how i have missed reading your blog! your excitement overflows, we can't wait to see you!



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