Sunday Morning Thought: Disposition

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I went through a phase recently where my mind and emotions tricked me into thinking I am not happy. 

I resented my husband's long work hours. My active toddler was too much for me to handle. I was feeling homesick. Suddenly, Bangkok did not quite look promising. I lost my appetite for Thai food.

I was depressed.

But I held on to God's words. I prayed even if it sounded I was ranting my heart out.

God was very patient with my stubborn self. And my dearest husband, too.

I asked Him why I can't snap out of this phase.

He told me to just do one thing. I got up and obeyed.

My disposition changed. I felt happier. 

Since then I make an effort everyday to just focus on the good things. I saw everything in a new light.

While I frown upon my husband's long hours, he is fulfilling his role as our provider. I am grateful for a husband who works hard. 

While it is so hard to keep up with my little boy and am trying hard to understand his temper tantrums, he is the sweetest and most adorable boy who amuses me every single day. I have this cutest little person who keeps me company the entire day that Jed is at work.

It is definitely up to us how our world is going to be like. 

Think good happy thoughts and you will be happy. It's as simple as that. 

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