Single Mother for a Week

You would think I'd have been used to it by now, but I haven't. If there's one thing that makes me really unhappy, it's when my husband goes on a business trip. I hate being weeks apart from him. 

Having Javi made things different - I was kept so busy yet it was challenge taking care of him on my own.

Jed went on another business trip recently. If we were still in Cebu, Javi and I would have been enjoying ourntime in Bulacan with my family. But since this is Bangkok and the airfare is much more expensive, we have no other choice but to stay.

This was the second time Jed has been away on a trip since we moved to Bangkok. The first time was too crazy I didn't have time to write about it.

I guess the second time was definitely easier than the first as I knew what I am capable of doing. I have no problem during the day as Javi and I are used to being on our own while Jed works. It's the evenings that I dread and the fact that I don't get a break from taking care of Javi.

So how did our week without Jed go?

Day 1: Woke up early and saw the beautiful sunrise. Even wrote two blog entries while Javi was still sleeping. It was a Sunday so we went to church. Touched by our friends in church as they took turns in looking after Javi while I bought our food for lunch and when I had small group.

Day 2: We checked out a Kinderjam class. Javi wouldn't go down and was just holding on to me. When he finally did, the class was over. This is a day of failure. My first try at cooking using my new slow cooker was a fail. Three out of four baked potatoes were inedible. I finally finished the movie Bucket List and I cried my heart out. I felt lonely in the evening as I miss Jed.

Day 3: Uh oh.. I can feel a migraine coming. It's that time of the month. Javi and just stayed at home. My cleaning lady came over. I cooked a delicious Broccoli and Cheese Soup.

Day 4: Migraine was in full blast. Aaargh! The day went in slow motion. Grateful my small group was moved to Sunday as I could not get out of the house. Thankfully I even had the energy to cook our food.

Day 5: Woke up migraine-free. Yay! It was a productive day for us. Went to our neighborhood grocery to shop for what's missing in our house. And I knew I was well when I started sticking to my to-do list. I organized our medicine "basket" and Jed's closet, paid bills online, started editing my Linked In account and finished typing our wedding vows ready to be framed again. 

Day 6: Javi and I were hoping to shop at the opening of Uniqlo at the CentralWorld. We retreated as the line was horribly long. There is no way I would be in queue with an active toddler and a stroller.

The crazy line to Uniqlo 
There's more
We shopped elsewhere and had a nice quiet lunch at Burger King. I cooked lasagna using the slow cooker and it was a success. This was a happy day as Jed arrived in the evening.

We were both so happy Jed is back. Javi would no longer have to talk to his dad via Skype video call every night. 

I was particularly relieved Jed was back. I now have more time for myself. There are just things I can't do with Javi all wanting my attention all day. I couldn't be in front of the laptop for long period of time as he would be climbing up the table and would want to play with the keys and mouse. Now I have time to go down and exercise at the gym - one thing I could not do without Jed.

There's a good thing with Jed being away, we had more sleep. Javi slept earlier and longer. Jed comes home late so the little boy would still be playing with his dad so he sleeps later than I would want him to. 

I guess you'd wonder how I managed to take showers. The trick is to take showers while Javi is still sleeping. But what if he wakes up early, I would shove the iPad into his hands and that is enough to keep him busy watching the Sesame Street videos on You Tube and Barney shows which I have uploaded. 

We survived again!! Oh, I prayed hard every single day. 

Jed is back and he brought me this --

Have a blessed Sunday!!
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