My NOT To-Do List

Let me try to be different and list down things I will not do.

Now why the heck would I do that? Can't I just focus on my To-Do list?

I was inspired by my favorite two bloggers, Lara Williams of To Overflowing and Michael Hyatt. Lara came up with her post, what I DON'T do, so I can do what I do. I really think it was brilliant of laying down what you cannot do so you can focus on the bigger things. Not long after, Michael Hyatt came up with his Do You Have a Not To-Do List?  He listed the activities he will stop doing for the sake of greater productivity.

What actually inspired me more to come up with my own NOT To-Do List is slide #6 from Michael Hyatt's tribute to Steve Jobs which says:

iMentor Steve Jobs
View more presentations from Coach Bay


Say No to 1,000 Things
"It's only by saying no that you can concentrate on the things that are really important."

Let me say that is enough to convince me to come up with my own version.

I do not --

IRON. Ironing is my waterloo and I spent so much time trying to do it and I still don't get a favorable result in the end.

CHAT. Now that I am running a household and taking care of Javi, I do not have the luxury of time for chatting. When you find me online on Facebook chat, that would definitely be by accident. However, I have a handful of people I am in constant communication with through BBM and YM - Jed, my two siblings, and a handful of friends.

PLAY GAMES (Other than Bejewelled Blitz). I easily get addicted to games. So I dare not start on Angry Birds or Plants vs Zombies. I know myself and I know I will not stop. Case in point, Bejewelled. And I get very competitive. No more new games for me, I have things to do.

READ GOSSIP. There used to be a time when my morning would not be complete until I have read the Entertainment section of all major dailies. Times have changed and I find I have no use for those information anymore. I would even be the last to know what goes on in the lives of celebrities.

FOLLOW/SUBSCRIBE TO BLOGS FOR ITS MERE POPULARITY. I am subscribed to 77 blogs in my RSS reader and it takes a chunk of my time everyday going through a hundred plus posts. I constantly reassess my subscription and I choose those blogs which would help me with my walk with God, help me become a better wife/mother/person, encourage me to live simply and teach me to be a better homemaker. Yes, I would often not know what the latest happenings are but come to think of it, do these things really matter? This also applies to the people I follow on Twitter.

SLEEP IN. Yes, my little boy is sleeping longer now and I have that luxury to sleep in during weekends. But, it just doesn't feel right. I discovered I am a morning person and I enjoy being up as the sun is rising. It is a beautiful thing to watch from where I sit in the morning during my quiet time. I like the idea of getting so much done in the morning leaving me free to relax later in the day.

BELIEVE IN LUCK, SUPERSTITIONS, HOROSCOPES, MERCURY RETROGADE AND THE SECRET. I only believe in God and His words. I do not let my life be ruled over by all these things. I do not let them stop me from the things I need to do. When I want something, I ask God for it.

The goal here is to saying no to these things so I have more time for the important things and God's plan in my life.

It's your turn, what's in your NOT To-Do list?
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