Mid-Week Encouragement

Heaven knows I need encouragement every single day. 
It's Wednesday and my busiest day of the work week.

The first two reminders are Miss Universe-inspired. Miss Angola was crowned as this year's Miss Universe. It only proves that being dark-skinned is beautiful. So everyone please, enough with the whitening creams and glutathione, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL JUST THE WAY YOU ARE. 

God made you that way which means nothing is wrong with you.

This is also a constant reminder to raise my kid/s secure of their physical aspects. Nothing is wrong with the color of their skin or the color of their eyes, or the shape of their nose. NOTHING.

Image from Oh The Lovely Things via Pinterest

Image from Pinterest

Image from happy healthy beautiful via Pinterest
And this is my personal reminder today. 

I will keep on repeating this as I haul my toddler and his stroller over to CentralWorld 
for my small group tonight. 

Enjoy the rest of this wonderful week!

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