Why I Love Traveling

I have a passion for eating good food. My other passion is for traveling. There is so much joy in going to a certain place and exploring it. The older I get the more adventurous I had become that I wanted to visit exotic beautiful places. I am so blessed to have visited these picture-perfect places

My travel philosophy
Work was what brought me to so many places but that did not leave me much time to explore.

When I met Jed, I was so happy we share the same passion for traveling. And since then he had been my favorite travel companion. That would also explain why we chose Baguio City as our wedding destination. Our day was just perfect. We couldn't have held the wedding anywhere else.

Our family got bigger and we had our little boy. If you think having a baby would put a stop to our love for travel, the answer is no. We were blessed to be in Cebu then and we had a car so it was very easy for us to go on road trips and visit the different towns and cities. 

It may be harder to travel with a small child. Imagine what I'd have to pack - diapers, bottles, several sets of clothes, milk, baby food and so much more. But that still did not stop us from traveling. Oh, our hotel room would get crashed with a toddler running around wanting to check out every single thing. I would have to disconnect the telephone line and hide all the pens, notepads, books and coffee table books.  

I want my little boy and future child to be well-traveled. The world is a big place and I want them to explore it. There is so much that they could learn as traveling is another form of education. The experience and things they will learn from visting new places will not be taught in any school. 

Why I will never give up traveling
One day, I will go to each city on my travel bucket lists.

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