Sunday Morning Thought: Direction of Life

ow why do I have all these touchy feely thoughts most Sunday mornings? I guess I feel more relaxed knowing Jed is around to help me with Javi. I usually leave our weekends free to do what we want as a family. It is our time to catch up with each other. The pressure of the work week has taken a back seat. Yes, I say work week for me, too, not just for Jed. I work non-stop during the week - running a household, taking care of the little boy and blogging when I can squeeze it in.

For this Sunday, I found inspiration from this quote --

Source: Kate from Pinterest
I have days when I would feel that being a stay-at-home mom is not what I should be doing. I definitely could do so much more than this. I get a little jealous of friends who travel so much. And you know that one of my passion in life is traveling. I could not help but think it could have been me. Or when I hear of updates from my former office and the events they had to organize, I would think, "I used to breathe and live organizing those events." Yes, I had a fantastic career ahead of me. Then God called me for something else. 

Oh, I did not take it too well at first. I mopped around our house in Cebu. I had a hard time accepting my new life and roles. Then Javi came along, but boy he did not make life easier. 

Yesterday, as I was watching my son eat on his own, it gave me a sense of accomplishment my job then had never given me. It may not be big things, but my major accomplishments now include weaning Javi from the bottle and hearing him say new words. I love being a mom. I love that he would run to me every time he would hear Barney's "I Love You" song and give me a big hug and a kiss. If we have a nanny then he might run to her and not me. That would be hurtful, right? 

Then I got into thinking that if most working mothers were given an option, they would choose to be a stay-at-home mother. 

I am where I need to be. Thank you, Lord, for making that happen.

Be blessed this Sunday!
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