Favorite Scent

Thought I'd share with you what scents make me happy. Yes, I have a few favorites over the years. My father was a big giver of perfumes. My mother has her own collection which I think were too many and how would she be able to use them all.

My brother eventually inherited my father's love for buying perfume or cologne for the women in our family. And boy, he has a good nose. He would always get me a scent that I would love. It was guaranteed.  

Who would even think I'd like the scent of jasmine? Jasmine is sampaguita, right? My memories of sampaguita was of my father buying them every Sunday to put in the image of Jesus Christ we have in Bulacan. 

My favorites are: (clockwise) (1) Bath & Body Works Cotton Blossom, (2) Bvlgari Voile de Jasmine, (3) Bench Baby Cologne Lemondrop, and (4) L'eau Par Kenzo.
I would rotate these four scents. The Bench cologne when I'm at home. Cotton Blossom when I go out and it would be so hot to wear eau de toilet. Although the last I heard, Bath & Body Works phased Cotton Blossom already. Kenzo when I want a scent that would linger more. And Bvlgari for those special occasions and whenever I want to feel good. It wold be something I would wear to a wedding. But guess what, during my own wedding, I forgot to spray some as I was so excited. 

Thinking about these scents this early in the day is enough to energize me.

So what are your favorite scent?

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