Favorite Printables, Part 2

I never thought I'd post something under printables this soon. However my favorite bloggers created something I totally like and I just had to share it with you guys again.

Danielle of Life's A Journal produced an improved version of her daily pages. 

Source: Life's A Journal
I love all the little tick boxes which makes it easier to tick off what I have accomplished. She also included icons for medicines/vitamins so not to miss taking them daily. B, L and D stands for breakfast, lunch and dinner. You may wish to write down dishes for the day or simply log on your calorie intake for those who are watching their calories.

Tip Junkie released her 2012 Free Calendar. I am using her 2011 Calendar which is in the cork board as part of our command center. The best thing about her calendar is it's free. I like that it's so girly. She customized her calendar to reflect holidays of the US. 

Source: Tip Junkie
You may download her 2012 Calendar here.

Hope you find these printables useful as well. 
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