Sharing My Favorite Printables

Printables are stuff which one can print on their own. I find those related to home management very helpful. As I read blogs, I see several versions of a printable and I choose one which style and format fits my lifestyle.

What I do with printables is I print them then either laminate them or put them in a card case so I can write on it using a non-permanent marker and when I'm done I could easily erase what I wrote then I'm ready for a new day or week. It saves me ink and paper, too.

Still clueless on what printables are? No need to wonder anymore as I'm sharing my favorite free printables..

A Daily Page or Checklist

From Life's A Journal via Pinterest
I love how it has a space for goals, daily to-do's, appointments, tasks, fitness goals and even a checklist to keep track of the number of glasses of water one takes in.

I have searched around for many versions and Life's A Journal is the one I like best.

Weekly Calendar
From Arian Armstrong
In a weekly calendar, I prefer that my week starts on a Monday.

Menu Planner + Grocery List

From Craft Sew Create
Menu planner and grocery list in one page saves me time. I love this version as it already has categories in the grocery list section.

From Arian Armstrong
What made this notepad more cool is that it has one of my favorite Bible verses, Philippians 4:8-9.

Birthday Calendar

From Lemon Squeezy via Pinterest
I'm currently using one where each month is on a separate page. I like this version as it consolidates everything in one page.

Should you wish to get copies of each printable, please click on the link below each photo. It will direct you to its website and you may download them in jpg or pdf format. These are all free, so print away.

I know this would help you, especially the homemakers, as much it helped me.

Have a great day everyone!
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  1. Thanks for sharing this Irms, they're sooo cute! Hey, send me naman invites sa Pinterest pls :) use my gmail address, you have ba? or any of my email addresses thanks bunch!

  2. Ang cu-cute di ba. I am sharing a couple of new ones. Watch out for them.


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