My Dream Destinations (Philippine Edition)

It's a long weekend here in Thailand for Asalaha Bucha and Khao Pansa or the Buddhist lent. Jed and I were thinking that if we only had a car, we would surely be out of town. We fondly recall our time in Cebu where we frequent road trips to different parts of Cebu.

The Philippines is a beautiful country. I am extremely proud of my motherland. I just changed my profile here in Blogger and Twitter to state my citizenship. I want the whole world to know where I come from.

I want to continue my dream destination series but this time of places I want to visit in the Philippines. my top five are:



Bellarocca Island Resort and Spa
Misibis Bay

Misibis Bay


What are your top five places to visit in the Philippines?

Have a great weekend everyone!
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