Finding Myself in...Pinterest

I have discovered Pinterest. So far I like it and it has proved very useful for me. As I am visual person, it helps having all my ideas in one place or it is called a "board" in Pinterest. 

All I have to do is browse through other people's posts or in Pinterest it is called "pins." Most of the members have excellent ideas. What I do is grab what interests me and I "repin" it in my own board. I created several boards such as places I want to visit, style and fashion, ideas and tips for the home and so much more. 

Sharing with you posts/pins that describes me --

From louise m via Pinterest

From Lisa via Pinterest
I know I have this gift -

From Lotta Metsarinne via Pinterest
Now, attention all husbands! This one is for you.

From Deidre Maxwell via Pinterest
Here are a few ones I can relate to --

From Marion Monica via Pinterest
From L'dell Martin via Pinterest
From Katey Walton via Pinterest
As it turns out, I am an introvert.

From Margo Marshall via Pinterest
Last week at small group, we talked about being a Barnabas and in simple words, this sums it up.

From Megan Gaudette via Pinterest
Lastly, this tugged on my heart a bit.
From Corey Ahern via Pinterest

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By the way, if you want to try out Pinterest, send me an e-mail at and I will send you an invite. That's the only downside as it needs an invitation to get in. That's probably the trend right now - look at Google+.

Have a great week everyone!
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