Six Months and Counting

We have reached the sixth month mark of living here in Bangkok. We are happily settled here in Bangkok.

Our two bedroom unit is looking more like a home now. I finally hung the frames in each bedroom and started on a photo wall right by our dining table.

I found my routine, too. I have my nail salon, waxer, eyebrow groomer and a massage place. I love how a supermarket opened in the mini mall next to our building. It solved my grocery shopping dilemma.

I have gotten used to life without your own car. It is challenging and exhausting to ride the BTS Skytrain with Javi but I got used to it. It's either the train or riding a cab in Bangkok traffic. Yes, you choose the lesser evil.

The heat is unbearable. It feels like we're in a sauna all day. The good thing about is the laundry dries up so fast.

We arrived here and Javi wasn't even walking yet. Six months later, he is now running and I am the poor mommy who chases after him. My little boy finished his first swimming class, too.

When we moved to our own place, the farthest I had been to was the Chatuchak Weekend Market. Fast forward a couple of months and we have visited Pattaya, Ayutthaya and Chiang Mai.

Overview of the beach in Pattaya

Wat Chai Wattanaram in Ayutthaya

Doi Suthep in Chiang Mai

And visitors just keep on coming. Would you believe that we have more visitors here in Bangkok than Cebu? Both sides of our families have visited us. Friends from my hometown in Bulacan found their way here, too. I am so looking forward to the visit of two of my best girl friends. Reunion is so sweet.

New friends are not that difficult to find. The Lord is leading us to the right people.

What I never thought would happen is the way my spiritual life is growing. When I learned about our move here, it made me wonder what God has in store for us in a Buddhist country. Everything fell into place and I was astounded.

We found our church. We met a lot of wonderful people. Jed started playing the keyboard again. We both belong to a small group. I finished my One-2-One and am going through The Purple Book now. Who would've thought that the goals (#4 and #5) I set for 2010 may happen here in Bangkok?

And because we have great friends from church, Jed and I get to go on "date nights" during the day. These wonderful people look after Javi for a few hours.

We still have so many places to explore, food and restaurants to try. I am looking forward to the opening of Uniqlo and IKEA in the next couple of months.

So what's not to love about Bangkok? For now, none.

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