My Simple Joys: Pasalubong!

My family was here for a short visit. Now that means, I have all these pasalubong from them of things I miss from the Philippines or goodies they want me to try.

First on the list is my super favorite Kopiko Brown Coffee. Thanks also to my dear friend Tammy. Look, I have a drawer full of them.

Piattos potato chips in Cheese flavor never tasted this good. Boy, I was selfish and wouldn't want to share with my brother. My point, he lives in the Philippines and can buy this anytime he wants. Thanks Tammy for this treat.

My sister got me the Jack & Jill Pic-A Ultimate Cheddar Snack Mix and Lucky Me Pancit Canton. I just realized how my diet is so unhealthy in the Philippines.

She wanted me to try new products from Jack & Jill (she works for URC, manufacturer of Jack & Jill products) - Chicharron ni Mang Juan (which I gathered is Jack & Jill's competition for Marty's Crackling) and Vega Vegetable Snack.

I love Purefoods Corned Beef for years now, however my brother wants me to try this new corned beef by JAKA Food Corp., Delimondo. It even has garlic and chili variety.

Tammy included Whole Wheat Pancake by Maya Think Heart. I can't wait to cook this for breakfast.

My mother left me boxes of Alsa Gulaman's Unflavored Gelatin. Now I can make my own version of Cathedral Windows. I had been searching for unflavored gelatin here but couldn't find it in the supermarket that I go to.

For non-food goodies, I've asked my family to buy us mosquito repellents in the form of spray and stickers. I somehow trust the spray from Healthy Options and stickers I get from the Philippines (even if they are made elsewhere).

My sister-in-law has given me bottles of J&J Heaven when my in-laws were here. We're cologne addicts so I asked for another batch of Johnson & Johnson Heaven and my Bench Baby Cologne in Lemondrop. With the hot and humid weather here, we can only wear colognes.

Tammy sent us Bench Baby Cologne in Jelly Bean. I've heard this scent smells good, too.

These are my simple joys now. Happy I have pieces of home in a bag of chips, sachet of coffee, or in bottles of cologne.

I can't stop grinning!

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