My First-Ever (Thai) Cooking Class

Early Wednesday morning, I met my friend Marisa in one of the BTS stations. We both got invited to attend a Thai cooking class. Her husband so kindly babysat for Javi and their daughter while we took the class.

We then headed out to Asok station where we met Mr. Nat (?), our teacher for the day. We waited for another student then we were off to see a Thai wet market. The wet market is very similar to the markets we have in the Philippines. If not for the Thai characters and vegetables that are only grown in Thailand, I would think I am home.

Mr. Nat showed us which ingredients are for which dish. Now if I could find these ingredients in the supermarket.

The abundance of red pepper/chili

A typical Thai wet market. Pretty similar to the Philippines.

Now this is how a "lumpia" or spring roll wrapper is made

Three kinds of basil - holy, sweet and lime

Shredded coconut/"niyog" reminds me of my childhood.
My mother loved to cook dishes with coconut cream/milk or in Filipino, "gata ng niyog"

We arrived at the Bangkok Thai Cooking Academy. I had in mind cooking schools in Manila such as CCA or Heny Sison's. Well, this one is different. The cooking school is in a house.

We were greeted with this set-up.

I gather that this is the way traditional Thais prepare their meals.

We were four in class and we had to learn to cook four Thai dishes.

Time to cook our lunch!

We had to learn how to make a Massaman Curry Paste from scratch with the aid of a mortar and pestle.

Go Marisa! You can do it. I sure gave up.

Now this Thai lady works like a pro. Every dish she makes is perfect.

The ingredients for Massaman Curry with Chicken

Ingredients for Deep Fried Spring Rolls

Mise en place

Making dessert, Coconut and Pandanus Leaf Jelly

Soon-to-be fried spring rolls

Cooking time!

Deep frying the corn & pork patties

My very first Massaman Chicken Curry! This surprisingly tastes yummy.

Deep-Fried Spring Rolls

Thai Fried Corn and Pork Patties

Yes, I cooked all these!

Coconut and Pandamus Leaf Jelly

Time to eat!

I truly enjoyed my first Thai cooking lesson. I did get to check off an item from my Bangkok Bucket List. If time permits I want to learn more dishes such as Pad Thai, Tom Yum soup, more curries.

Thai dishes contain more vegetable than meat. I noticed that they fry their food a lot which is similar to the dishes back home. I still can't understand how Thais remain skinny when their dishes are so yummy and food are available just about every where.

Bangkok Thai Cooking Academy

172/22 Soi 23, Sukhumvit

Bangkok, Thailand 10110

Phone: +66 2 2584021

Mobile: +66 80 7706741


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