Happy "Nanay's" Day, Mother!

I love how I call my parents "nanay" and "tatay." In Bulacan, it was somewhat common but in Manila, it sets me apart.

I failed to make a Mother's Day card in time. I realized too late that I needed about a month as snail mail do take forever.

To make it up to my mother, I will blog about her.

It is the right time to thank her for being my mother and for everything she had done, and is still doing for me and my own family.

Nanay, thank you for --

Taking care of the three of us mostly on your own as Tatay worked. Now that I am also a mother, it is unthinkable how you took care of me, Dio and Via. We all know it is only through God's grace.

Putting Tatay first in your life. For serving him the way you did. For never leaving his side when he was sick with cancer. For making sure he was comfortable up until he had to leave us.

Being strong for the family when Tatay was sick and you were sick, too.

Battling breast cancer twice, and surviving a stroke. You are one strong woman. Please be obedient and follow the doctor's orders about your cholesterol, blood pressure and blood sugar.

Knowing what I need without even me telling you what they are.

Not hesitating to correct me when I was wrong. You disciplined us and you never let us grow up spoiled.

Being brutally honest with me and telling me what's on your mind even when I was earning my own money. You are my mother and you are one of the very few persons who are allowed to give me unsolicited advices. I might not want to hear what you have to say but most of the time, you are right. It only shows you care.

Supporting my choices in life. It may not be what you wished for me, but you respected my decision.

Believing in "leaving and cleaving." For a mother, it's difficult to let your children go and be on their own. You allowed us to learn marriage our way, not your way.

Reminding me over and over that Jed is my priority over my son, over my work. When you heard about the offers in Cebu and here in Bangkok, even though it breaks your heart, you encouraged me to be with my husband. You did the same thing when you married Tatay.

Loving my son as you would love your own child. Thank you for always asking about how he is. For always thinking about him. You have a mini nursery in Bulacan so we no longer have to worry about bringing so many things when we visit you. I know you'd rather spend your money on something else but you buy what you think Javi would need.

Accepting Jed and treating him as your own son.

Loving me unconditionally. I know I am not the most obedient daughter. But you stuck with me and you were consistent and always present in my life.

Really, I could never have asked for a better mother.

See you in less than two weeks! Your grandson is waiting for his toy guitar.

PS/ Thank you also for learning how to use Facebook so you can send me a message from time to time and be updated with how our life is here.

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  1. What a nice tribute Irms, thank you for reminding me about Mother's Day Card! Gosh, I'm so bad to send one to my mom. Gotta let Ethan make one soon!


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