Dream Home Set-Up

I am regular reader of organizing blogs. I get excited when I find blogs dedicated on home management and organizing making me an organizing geek. These blogs inspire to keep our home neat and in order, even the way I manage our household.

My three organizing heroes at the moment are Jen from IHeart Organizing, Carly from Perfectly Pretty and Toni from A Bowl Full of Lemons.

Toni recently hosted a Parade of Homes event where bloggers opened up their homes and shared photos for everyone to see.

I couldn't get over how pretty some of the homes are. I keep on thinking when the time comes for us to build our own home, I want to be reminded of how these homemakers fixed up their lovely homes.

This is a portion of her living room.
I love how she organized her knick knacks in all those different pretty boxes.

Her launch pad.

A closet desk in one of her son's bedroom. Talk about a creative use of space.

I like the idea of hanging a map and clocks in his son's bedroom.

Jen's very own closet desk, more like a home office.
I dream to have something similar - my very own nook.

Now look at this one-of-a-kind laundry room.
It makes me want to hang-out in the laundry if mine is as pretty as hers.

Note: All photos are taken from Jen's IHeart Organizing blog.

Our second stop is the home of Carly from Perfectly Pretty.

White is not scary after all. I kind of like it.
And Carly has twin daughters. Her house still looks this pretty.

Remote controls in a rustic box.

Her kitchen.

I love how everything is in order.

On my wishlist for the longest time - a Kitchen Aid mixer

Excellent idea of putting her daughters' stuffed toys in baskets.

Makes me want to have a daughter.

Her daughters' playroom. How IKEA-like!

I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw her craft room.
It's like having your own craft store.

Her home office. I love how everything is in order.

Note: All photos are taken from Carly's Perfectly Pretty blog.

Last stop, the woman who started it all, Toni from A Bowl Full of Lemons.

I so want a similar clock!

Her kitchen. Someday, I will have a counter, too.

A basket full of her favorite cook books.

Another Kitchen Aid mixer.

Her coffee station.

She has two sets of dining tables.

Her daughter's toys and books tucked inside baskets.
Now where can I buy baskets like those?

Note: All photos are taken from Toni's A Bowl Full of Lemons blog.

Ah, it's so nice to dream.

Everything starts with a dream, right?

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