Amazing Thailand: Pattaya

After four months, we finally went out of Bangkok.

Before our recent day trip, the farthest I have been to was Chatuchak Market. Eek!

Jed's mother and youngest sister visited us last weekend. We decided it was time to check out other cities of Thailand.

It was time for Pattaya.

The city is a couple of hours away from Bangkok. Travel by car was easy as the roads were well-maintained. We hired the services of Little Pigeon Tour to bring us around Pattaya.

Pattaya reminds me of Olongapo City in the Philippines. From what I gathered, it had been known as Asia's first and foremost "sin city." Thus the similarities to Olongapo. However now, the city is being repositioned as "family friendly."

We started off with a cultural show.

Next was the elephant show. So happy we saw elephants. I had been in love with this mammal since I visited an elephant camp in Chiang Mai ten years ago. For me, elephants are the most gentle animals despite their size.

The gardens literally took my breath away. They were postcard perfect.

Here is Javi's encounter with the elephants. We even got to feed them. Well, they did. I took photos.

After lunch we headed to Pattaya Floating Market.

I seriously thought this was made up of a couple of huts. I was so wrong as this was a village of stores, food stalls, and various activities such as a 4D Cinema and a zipline.

Look what we found here. Crunchy cockroach, grasshopper, worms, etc. Jed, his mom and sister all tried it. I chickened out. I don't even eat sisig or dinuguan. I definitely won't eat insects. Yes, I will never make it to Fear Factor.

Now this area creeped me out. There was a line up of life-sized statues of monks. I seriously would have avoided this area if I had known.

Last stop was a view of the Pattaya Bay Area.

This view was absolutely stunning. Although the beach itself is not. Hey, I always think Boracay has the best beach front in the world.

There will be more trips outside Thailand.

Next stop is Ayutthaya.

Till then!

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