Happy Birthday, Tatay!

My father passed away eleven years ago. Now why do I still greet him after all these years? I just want to remember how he good he was to us, his family. If I were in Manila, I will be celebrating this day over dinner with my mother and siblings.

April 28 will always be special to me. I look forward to this day, keeping in mind it's Tatay's birthday. He would have been 79.

He would've loved meeting Jed, his son-in-law and of course, his first grandchild, Javi. Although I doubt I'd be married now if he were still alive. I remember very clearly when he told me when I was 22 and has a boyfriend that time for us not to go out as often as we had. I was already working then and this guy would pick me up at home on a Sunday to watch a movie and we would be home before dinner. Geez! Although, he was right about not liking the guy I was going out with.

My brother shared with me a text message from my mother after receiving dividend checks from my father's different stocks. She said that my father is still taking care of us even if he died eleven years ago. We are still earning from the different investments he made. He has always been a good provider.

He did raise the bar for my dear Jed. And I would sometimes find myself wondering why Jed is doing things differently from how I was used to. I know this is unfair for my husband. I am learning to adjust and adapt.

The pain of losing my father is long gone. Of course, we still miss him terribly. That may be why my brother hangs out with my father's friends. I would myself smiling when I hear the song Fernando by ABBA which was his favorite song. To this very day, we still, in our own special way, celebrate this day thanking God for blessing us with Vidal/Bining's life.

My father must've done something right for us to remember him this way up to this very day. It would've been easy to just forget but we cannot.

I know he is very happy where he is right now.

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  1. Aww...nice post Irma.
    Ang gwapo ni Tatay ah. :)

  2. Malou, he looks like my brother. Super kamukha! Hey, guess what my small group here meets every Wednesday. I guess my lucky number is 3 dahil 3 kami. Miss you so much!


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