Easy Sunday Afternoon

Two Sundays ago, my little boy was sick. We couldn't get out of the house. I needed to run errands. I had to wait for Jed to come back from church so he can look after the little boy.

I love weekends. Saturdays are my favorite. Sundays are for taking it easy.

Bangkok is slow on a Sunday afternoon. Except the malls and bazaars.

Walking towards the Chong Nonsi BTS station. The walkway is almost empty.

The view from where I stood from the station. There's my favorite Dean & Deluca.

The BTS rail tracks. The most efficient way of transportation in Bangkok.

My chariot awaits!

And here I am in MBK.

I never get tired of MBK. I go there every week. Well, it's because Grace Bangkok Church holds its Sunday services at the Pathumwan Princess Hotel which is adjacent to MBK.

Ooh, shoppers!

Supermarket stop: to buy lemons. For me, Tops Market is Thailand's SaveMore.

Seven floors of shopping, food and entertainment.

And anywhere you go to in Thailand, one will find a shrine dedicated to their King.

Last stop: Index Living Mall. This is Thailand's version of IKEA.
I can literally spend hours here.

I wish to take more photos and blog more about our life here. The more I know about our city, the more I can share.

I am truly enjoying our time here.

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