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My love affair with the latest gadgets began when I started earning my own money. I would save up for a particular item which I think would suit my lifestyle at that time.

However, I was not one who needed to have the latest gadget nor the top of the line. I just had to have a phone that works, it did not need be one with the most number of features. I owned a Palm Pilot when it came out. I was thrilled as I felt it put order in my life. I did save up for an iPod Mini when it came out, and it lasted me for years. I waited until I saved enough money to buy those gadgets.

I had the iPad on my wish list for quite sometime. There even came a time when I thought I do not need it anymore.

And then the iPad 2 was launched. I suddenly realized it would be great to own the original iPad, not iPad 2. I was convinced it is the best time to buy the first iPad as prices would drop. Jed and I agreed we would buy an iPad when we sold our car.

I have been using the iPad for almost two weeks. At first, I was so frustrated I wanted to throw it out the window. Me and touch screen do not work together. Oh, and the iPad we got was in Thai. My sister had to guide me - line by line - how to change the language setting to English. And then slowly, I got the hang of it.

After installing a number of applications, I fell in love with the iPad. It made my everyday life easier. And I thought nothing could beat my Blackberry, I was so wrong.

Why I love it?

Mobility. It is light enough to bring with me anywhere. It had been more difficult to use the laptop now that my little boy wants to type on the keyboard when he sees me using it. The iPad can stand on the kitchen counter and I can read updates or watch videos while I was the dishes. It goes with me when I put Javi for a nap. I can read or browse through through the internet.

The bigger screen to watch TV shows and movies. I had been watching shows in the small screen of my iPod for years.

iBooks and the Kindle applications. Hello again books. Oh how I've missed you! I was thrilled with the titles available for purchase and they are delivered to the iPad immediately. This is perfect for me as I only brought a handful of books with me from Cebu. Then I found it difficult to buy English books here in Bangkok and my guess is they are expensive, too. E-books also means less clutter and fewer books to dust. My first purchase on Amazon Kindle is Rick Warren's Purpose Driven Life. I want to re-read it after 7 years. This afternoon, I finished my very first book which was Mini Shopaholic.

The better version of the Bible by You Version. I can easily share verses on Twitter and Facebook. The BlackBerry version had been useful but the iPad version is much better with larger screen so I no longer have to squint to read.

NewsRack. I am now updated with every single blog that I follow. So grateful that I don't miss any new entry.

2Do and HomeBudget. I wrote an earlier entry about how these two applications have made my home management life stress-free.

Mail. My friend Sam wrote about the efficiency of its e-mail system. It is another excellent tool which saves me so much time. All three of my e-mail accounts are in one mailbox.

Applications for kids. As much as possible, I wouldn't want to expose Javi to the internet in his early age. But I use the iPad his educational shows which his Tita Via compiled for him. The storybooks narrates on their own. I particularly like the Toy Story Digital Book - it's a storybook and coloring book in one. When I need Javi to be still for a while, I'd search for videos of his favorite Elmo on You Tube and let him watch.

CNN and New York Times. I have never been this updated with what's going on in the world. I am monitoring the situation in Japan through these two applicationa and also via Twitter.

Solitaire. I know there are addicting games for the iPad. However, I only open the Solitaire which is my favorite card game. I am afraid to start playing the other games like Plants vs. Zombies or Angry Birds as I may be too focused and may neglect keeping my eye on our very active toddler. I also wouldn't want to lose sleep over those games.

I am still exploring and researching which applications suit our lifestyle. The waiting was worth it.

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