Shopaholic Series and Friendship

This is not a book review. Let me clear that up first. I'll share about how I felt after reading the book Mini Shopaholic.

Yes, this is the first e-book I finished. Very pleased I can now read again. I alternate Christian books and serious ones with chick lit books.

I had been a fan of Sophie Kinsella since I read her first novel, The Confessions Of A Shopaholic. At that time in my life, I can totally relate to the lead character, Becky Bloomwood. Oh, I learned about the use of credit cards the hard way. I was new at my job, I was young, therefore I was financially broke.

Come to think of it, Becky Bloomwood and I, more or less, have gone through the same phase - single, engaged, married, pregnant, and motherhood.

While the plot of Mini Shopaholic is light and entertaining, I found myself appalled and in disagreement with Becky Bloomwood's values. I did not like that she had to sugar coat and lie in several occasions. The sad part is she gets away with it. Her "not-so-brilliant" ideas are commended. For me, lying always sends the wrong message, especially when you lie to your spouse.

I did not enjoy this book as much as Sophie's first books in the Shopaholic series. I was furious with Becky. "When will she ever learn from her mistake?" was all that comes out of my mouth.

I got into thinking, if I had a friend like her, what could I have done? First thing that comes to mind is "unfriend" her. However, if she were a very good friend and if I care that much, I would find ways to help her.

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