Pursue Spiritual Growth (Small Change #6)

The last time I wrote about Small Changes For A Better Life: Daily Steps to Living God's Plan was five months ago. This only means I haven't read the next chapter since then. I had been very bad and just couldn't find the time to read books. It's already March and I have not finished a single book.

Now I want to put order and meaning back into my reading life. I finally read the next chapter which talks about ways to pursue one's spiritual growth.

In a way I feel this delay in reading has its purpose. Small change #6 is what I am experiencing right now. We are in a new country, joined a new a new church and somehow it is like a new beginning. My drive to grow spiritually is back.

God led us to the Grace Bangkok Church. When I found out how small the church is, I was hesitant. I had been used to attending a big church in the Philippines - Catholic churches, KBCF and the Victory churches in the Philippines.

Small church means everyone else knows everyone. I cannot slip in the middle of a service and leave quietly like I used to do. Then I trusted God. In my heart, this is the church where He wants me to be.

The weeks passed and I felt at ease. I made friends very easily. We felt welcomed.

I may be able to join a small group again which will work with my schedule of being a homemaker and full time mother. I missed my small group friends in Manila. I never had one in Cebu. I have no one else to blame but myself for not pursuing it.

I also regret not going through a One-2-One session with one of my friends in Manila. I could've attended Victory Weekend before Javi was born.

But nothing is too late when one wants to know the Lord more. I found an album in GBC's Facebook when they held their very first Victory Weekend last weekend. It gave me hope! It answered the question in my mind how this small church conducts Victory Weekend.

All is good. I will start my One-2-One in the next few weeks. A couple of goals I set for 2010 may happen this year. I knew there is a reason why God chose Bangkok for us.

Just want to share with you the book's formula for spiritual growth --

G - Give your life to Jesus Christ
R - Recognize sin in your life
O - Overcome spiritual laziness
W - Work out a method and rate for growth
T - Try to find a mentor
H - Have a long-term mentality about spiritual growth

Under W (work out a method and rate for growth), it tells me to start memorizing key Scripture verses. I currently started You Version's reading plan Top Verses to Memorize. Then I'd share the verse for the day in Twitter to remind me throughout the day and share the Word with those who would read my tweet.

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