My Philippine Goodies List

Being far from one's own country makes one homesick. While I haven't really missed the Philippines yet, I, of course miss my family and closest friends. I wish we are all here in Bangkok. Does it sound like I don't want to go home?

Living in Cebu has been great training for our move here. I have learned to manage my expectations. I braced myself the first time I went to the supermarket and saw all these unfamiliar brands in Thai characters.

The upside of not understanding Thai is the decrease in my purchase of processed products. I opt not to buy items which packaging I can't read. I have to know what the ingredients are. I have to be careful as I am feeding a toddler.

I have conditioned myself to use whatever is available in the market. I wouldn't want to have to visit the Philippines and come back with cans of Purefoods Corned Beef or packs of Lucky Me Pancit Canton in our suitcases. Nor would I want to bother visitors (especially people I hardly know) from home with a long list of all my "pabilin." That is a no-no for me.

I panicked during our first month when I couldn't find isopropyl or ethyl alcohol. Now I know what they look like and can buy them in Boots (Thailand's version of Mercury Drug). I searched all over for the refill's of Javi's Playtex Drop-Ins for his feeding bottle. I gave up upon learning Playtex products are not being distributed in Thailand. The feeding bottles we have should be fine plus we will be weaning him from his bottle pretty soon.

Cheese are surprisingly expensive over here. Because they are all imported. And who'd have thought that a can of Lysol Disinfectant Spray would cost 540 baht (or approximately 18USD or 775 Philippine pesos)?? These are the reasons why I can't seem to bring down our monthly budget for groceries.

Of course, I keep a list of goodies I miss from home. I may have found a substitute or I'm stretching my supplies here until I finally make that trip to the Philippines or my kind-hearted family members who are visiting this May will bring some over.

My list is not long. I can survive without them but it's nice to have them once in a while.

Kopiko Brown Coffee
My FB status is effective. Friends have been sending me sachets of my favorite coffee.
And to think, Kopiko is Indonesian brand, not proudly Filipino.

Dove Gentle Exfoliating Soap and Facial Wash
I was a Dove Baby back in the Philippines.

Baby Bench Cologne in Lemondrop
Yes, who would've thought this is my everyday cologne.

Johnson's Baby Cologne in Heaven
Now this is for my little boy, and I'm doing what I can for my last bottle to last until my family comes over in May.

Wherever you are in the world, there is always something you miss from your home country.

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