Manage Your Life (Small Change #7)

The second book I purchased on Amazon Kindle is Small Changes For A Better Life book. So I am back at reading regularly again.

The topic of time management does not come at a better time for me. Being a house wife and a full-time mother, I struggle with how I use my time. I feel like I have no control and I end up doing what needs my attention at that given time. When Javi was born, my life had never been as orderly as before.

This chapter teaches me to PRIORITIZE.

How? This is the order of how my priorities should be:

1. God
2. Jed
3. Javi
4. My family and friends
6. the unexpected
7. Planning
8. Work

I fail with number 6. As an obsessive compulsive, I make a schedule and I stick with it. Hell breaks loose when the original plan falls apart. Ask my husband how terrible I react when I couldn't do what's in my schedule. Through the years, I've learned that things do not always work out the way I want them to be. This is where thinking od Plan Bs come in.

I like how the author sees these unexpected, unplanned or surprises as "the God factor." Boy, that made all the difference. I know I will be more open to life's surprises as I know God only wants the best for me. (Jeremiah 29:11)

In order to have time for the eight priorities, I need to be more effective. I need to be more like the Proverbs 31 "super" woman. I have to learn to eliminate those that do not contribute positively and constructively to the eight priorities listed. This is one reason why I have not started any of the popular games on the iPad.

I have to remind myself over and over again what my priorities are and which order they are as there are times when I forget which I should be investing more time on.

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