Live By A Schedule (Small Change #8)

This Small Change chapter could not have been more suitable for me. I literally live by schedules. When Jed and I were still dating, I drove him crazy with how much we need to stick with the schedule I came up.

I not only live by schedule, I also have the discipline to follow the schedule. I am so pleased to learn I am on the right track.

My main reason for creating schedules ever since I can remember is to maximize the use of my time. I keep a schedule of what I need to do so I won't miss a single chore, task or event. The reason why I work extra hard to keep my schedule so I would have time to do the things I want - like relaxing.

Now that I have a husband and child, it is more difficult to come up with a schedule and keep it. I am overwhelmed with the amount of tasks, chores, etc that I need to do.

In creating my schedule now, I need to work around the priorities I identified in an earlier entry.

I pretty much keep a weekly schedule - there is a day for laundry, picking out the groceries, grooming, cleaning, blogging, admin, menu planning. If you are very keen, you would notice I write new entries every Wednesday evening. Wednesday is my blogging day.

I still have to sort a monthly schedule which will incorporate house chores, admin stuff, Jed and Javi's schedule. There are hundreds of templates on the internet, I just need to create my own version of a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly schedule.

Let's start with the easiest, a daily schedule.

I love this daily schedule created by Kristina of A Home Made By Kiki.

I will come up with an entry with links of blogs which had help me come up with my own schedule, labels, tags, note cards, and other printable.

Following a schedule allows me to be very productive. I couldn't have survived being a wife and mother and managing our home if I didn't have one.

There is a time for everything,

and a season for every activity under the heavens:

- Ecclesiastes 3:1 NIV

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