Starting Good Habits

I wanted the year 2011 to be so much better than 2010, in terms of my health. With the help of my 2011 planner, a Belle de Jour power planner, I decided to make use of its Habit Tracker page.

I've said in my game plan for this year that I intend to create good habits. The Belle de Jour planner encourages rewards after completing each new habit. I sort of started with a reward in mind upon completion. I customized the habit tracker and lengthen the duration to a month. The plan is to start a new habit every month. Speaking of habits, I had Stephen Covey's 7 Habits of Highly Effective People in mind as I was thinking of what to reward myself at the the end of each month. Now that's Habit #2 which is Begin with the end in mind. I must say it motivated me to go on with my plan. I had a dress in mind, shoes and a bag to go with it.

January was all about drinking more than 8 glasses of water everyday.
I wasn't a water drinker. In fact, when I was pregnant with Javi, I was asked to drink more water. My favorite drink was Nestea's lemon iced tea. Yes, I am all aware of its sugar content. That's probably why I needed to force myself to drink more water. I still can drink colored beverages as long as I drink my eight or more glasses of water.

I was very pleased that I did pick up the habit of drinking more water. I also stopped buying juices and that dreaded lemon iced tea. It helped that I am here in Bangkok and the products are different from those sold at home. The only colored beverages I take every morning is a cup of coffee. Then it's just water throughout the day. I give myself breaks on weekends and order what I want when we're dining out.

With the heat here in Bangkok, it helped me to take in more water as the heat sometimes can be unbearable. I remember getting headaches the first few weeks because I wasn't drinking enough.

February is my fitness month. I aimed at waking up early, get on my workout clothes and turn on that WiiFit that I worked so hard to buy. Rather than it collecting dust, I might as well start using it again. I started with yoga and now I'm moving on to a combination of yoga and strength training. On days that Jed is off from work, I actually can go down the gym and do some cardio exercises. It looks like I better shed off the excess weight by end of the year as something major is about to happen. I have to picture-perfect. Eek!

Waking up early is hard especially when it's still dark. It is especially hard to wake up early on weekends. Slowly I've gotten the hang of it and would get up when the alarm clock goes off. I cut myself some slack and let myself sleep a little more one day a week. Six days of exercise a week is not bad for a start. I'm praying -not hoping- that I keep this schedule up. Yes, I need divine intervention. My motivation is for my Fit Bank to turn to another color. Once it accumulates a number of hours it changes to a different color.

It's not about the reward anymore. I have not bought the dress I promised to buy after completing my first habit. I am just happy I am making this effort to be healthier and more fit.

Please stay tuned as to what other habits I will be starting on next month and the rest of this year.

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