Spoiled (Last of 2 Parts)

I like writing this entry. It allows me to focus on the good things only. My adjustment here seemed easier than Cebu. Unlike when I was in Cebu, I am now in another country therefore I cannot visit my family in Bulacan and friends in Manila as often as I want to. Bangkok is a big city and it is full of surprises for me. In my almost three months here, I am wide eyed gal eager to explore my new surroundings. I am here to enjoy our stay. I don't want to miss anything as we may only be here for a couple of years. My Bangkok bucket list is gradually building up.

Back to to the subject, why do I think I am spoiled here?

Maid Service

Finally, a dream come true. I had been looking for a stay-out maid in Cebu up until a few months before we had to leave. As we all know, that is not the norm in the Philippines, especially Cebu, as househelp would rather be stay-in. I do not need a stay-in one, just someone who will clean the house and iron clothes -chores I have a hard time doing- twice a week. Who would've thought I'd find that person here in Bangkok? We found a Pinay (yay, someone who really understands me) and she visits me twice a week to clean our place and iron clothes. Ironing clothes is one chore I could not get right. Yes, I would wear wrinkled clothes simply because I couldn't want to iron them. Our cleaning lady is a BIG help. As much as I'd like to do everything, I cannot.


Apart from massages, Thailand is also the land of 7-11. They are everywhere. You can find several 7-11s in one street. It is now very easy to buy the little things that I forgot to pick out from the supermarket. I no longer have to worry about expired milk, we could easily get one from the nearest 7-11. Another great thing about the 7-11 here is we can also settle bills such as electricity, phone and water bill. This is especially useful as online banking here is proving to be a headache.

Bangkok Street Food

Just like 7-11, the street food vendors are everywhere. Javi and I usually go down just right outside our building to buy our fruits and snack for the day. I love how we can buy fresh fruits everyday. I have my supply of guava, pineapple, cantaloupe and papaya. The fruits are already sliced into bite-size pieces. I'm trying the street food one by one - started with the fruits, then the waffle, and my recent purchase was the sweet corn. Next on my list is the strawberry fruit that comes with some other stuff. I will also attempt to order Thai omelet from the carenderia type store outside. If it were a turo-turo type then ordering would've been simpler. Now, I have to find a customer who has ordered the omelet which I will show the cook so they can make me something similar. Wish me luck!

There are so many things that I am grateful for. God has been amazingly good to us with our move here.

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