My Game Plan for 2011

2011 is here! And there's no stopping it.

Lesson learned from last night, make attainable goals. So I've stopped listing down my goals for this year. Goals sound so serious.

I like what my friend Sam did, she made a to-do list for 2011. And that's the road I'm likely to take.

I had the inspiration to "write down" in Word document what I'd to happen in 2011. I was going to fill in my new Belle de Jour planner then I figured I had so many thoughts on my mind, I opened MS Word instead and typed away.

Talk about the perfect timing, it's the new year and we are in a new city. I can really start fresh. New mobile number. New church. New friends. New environment.

I am aiming this year to become a BETTER wife, mother, follower of Christ, homemaker, home manager, woman, blogger, daughter, sister, friend. I want to be a BETTER me.

On the top of my head, here are the things I want to do:

Introduce date nights. Jed and I badly need it. Think it's time to scout around for a babysitter when we have to go out on dates.

Really celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, holidays and other special occasions.

Join this group
BAMBI (Bangkok Mothers and Babies International). I would need playgroups for my little boy. And it's good to meet other mommies raising their kids in Bangkok.

Enroll the little boy in swimming class, and play gyms. Yes, we plan to be busy here.

Save, save, save AGAIN
Hopefully, in US dollars. Saving never goes out of style.

Simplify my life
- one journal, one credit card, one mobile phone.

Learn how to groom my own eyebrows.
Heaven knows how I pay someone to groom my eyebrows back home. I think it's time to do it on my own.

Blog regularly about my experiences here in Thailand.
I will make a career out of blogging. I enjoy doing this. Not necessarily being paid to write. Just to write more and share and hopefully inspire my audience.

Eat more fruits and vegetables.
Gosh, the Thais are so skinny. Maybe it's time to shift to their diet.

Travel to Phuket or Chiang Mai or Siem Reap this year. One of those places will do.

Never forget birthdays of people I love.
I have to send something, even a birthday card.

Go on a Prayer and Fasting. It's my second year. I want to find out what God's plan is for my life this year.

This year, I also want to introduce something new -- I want to start good habits. I got the idea from Belle de Jour planner. So for every month this year, I will start a good habit and hopefully keep on doing it, not only for 21 days, but for the entire month. Then I get a material reward after like a dress, or shoes. It sounds fun. Eventually, these good habits will be second nature to me.

Some of the good habits I thought of are:

drinking more water and cutting down on sugary beverages

dessert once-a-week

pray before going to sleep every single day

date nights

serve two servings of veggies and fruits every day

I need to think of seven more. Then I get a grand price by end of the year if I successfully finished all habits every month.

Let's start the year right. God gave us this new year to start anew.

Let us all work on making this year a better one.

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