Loving My BlackBerry

On the the first day of 2011, Jed and I headed out to buy our Blackberry. I ticked off one item from my 2011 wishlist. Jed and I each bought our own BlackBerry.

Working for the Canadian Embassy's Trade section for eleven years, I witnessed how the Canadian company RIM (Research in Motion) entered the Philippine market. Everyone was excited about it. My bosses were ecstatic to be one of the very few to use BlackBerry in the Philippines.

It did not made any impact on me. I see Blackberry then as this tool which would make you work 24/7. The officers at our department dreaded the thought of being assigned a BlackBerry.

A few years after I left my job at the Embassy, I found myself wanting to own one. My girlfriends had been pushing me to get one. At that time, I didn't see the need for it. I barely use my mobile phones then except to ensure I am in constant communication with my family.

A few days before leaving Manila, I tried BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) through my brother's BlackBerry. I thought it was very easy to use and convenient. I learned that even if I am here in Bangkok, I could be in touch with family and friends who have BlackBerry. For some reason, I found it easier to use than my husband's iPhone. I detest the iPhone. I can't get any characters right. I decided then that I would convince Jed to get BlackBerry as our phones in Bangkok.

The timing couldn't be more perfect. We purchased it from Jed's very first paycheck here. BB Prices here in Thailand are reasonable. I got the cheapest one, a Curve 8520. There is no need for the top of the line more expensive ones. I do not work. My main objective is to use BBM.

You'll know you bought your BB in Thailand when it has Thai characters on it

I was also surprised that mobile phone rates and packages in Bangkok are cheaper compared to the Philippines. My plan of 700 baht includes 200 minutes of talk time, 50 SMS, 20 international SMS, and unlimited BBM and social networking apps such as Facebook, Twitter and Yahoo! Messenger.

Two weeks into my BlackBerry, and I couldn't be happier. I love it!! I am staying in touch with the people that matters to me in BBM, Facebook, Twitter and Yahoo Messenger. And since it's a mobile phone, I can reply anywhere and anytime. It's like having a Sun line in the Philippines but much better. I was delighted that I can send photos from time to time. Well, most of the time. I "spam" my brother's and Javi godmothers' phone with Javi's photos. It definitely cured being homesick.

Being an organized nut, I now use my BlackBerry to manage our schedules, grocery lists, track our to-do's, and so much. I used to own PDA before and I'm very happy that the BlackBerry also serve the same purpose.

I have to yet to learn all about the other great applications, but right now one of my favorite is the Bible by YouVersion. A free application that contains different versions of the Bible. I can easily shift to a different version when I read out to Javi. It also has reading plans. I started with Every Nation's One to One reading plan. Right now, I'm using the notes for my Prayer and Fasting thoughts. Excellent application.

I now wish that all the people I want to stay in touch would get to own a BlackBerry.

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