The Year That Was 2010

Last year, I made ten goals for 2010. Of the 10, only a couple were accomplished. Major failure. Lesson learned for 2011, I will write down ATTAINABLE goals.

Nope, not gonna happen.
  • We didn't find our way back to Manila. However, we did leave Cebu. God has a better plan for us and the three of us are here in Bangkok.
  • I didn't get to join any small group in Cebu. The schedules just did not work out.
  • I also did not get to attend a Victory Weekend. Sigh...
  • I had no time to bake cupcakes. I ended up buying cupcakes.
  • We saved, saved, saved but we all spent, spent, spent. We will do better next year.
  • No welcoming 2011 in Boracay. We will welcome it here by the Chao Praya River.
Yes, I made it happen!
  • I finally adjusted to motherhood. And I love being a mother to Javi most of the time. Of course, there were times when I needed to take a break. The best thing with being a stay-at-home mother is you get to witness every milestone. I wouldn't trade that for any other job in the world.
  • I worked on a couple of projects from home. It felt great to do the same work while taking care of my little boy and be paid for it.

And I have the new year to do it all over again...
  • I will continue to strive to be a better wife. This is always an ongoing process, and will remain under this heading.
  • Major failure on the keeping fit and losing weight part. One of my priorities for next year is to lose all the pounds I gained in Cebu.

Looking back, we are grateful for:

Jed's new job at Shangri-la Bangkok

Our new home city - Bangkok, Thailand

Javi's 1st Birthday

Javi's Dedication at Victory Church in Cebu

Our trip to Baguio with Javi

Our Bacolod Trip

My mother's recovery from a stroke-like attack

A wonderful year in Cebu

My two projects

We are grateful for our families,
friends who are like family,
new friends,
and people who just touched our lives.

It had been one amazing journey.

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