Sawasdee Ka!

It's our second week here in Bangkok. So far, so good.

Well, we're still here at the Shangri-la Hotel in Bangkok. Beautiful property. We wake up everyday to a view of the Chao Praya River. And since we arrived, I have already watched four fireworks display. I'm sure Christmas and New Year will be spectacular.

Our view, the Chao Praya River

Shangri-la Wing of the Shangri-la Hotel, Bangkok

Our stuff/shipment hasn't arrived. We're lacking some documents which is the cause of delay. In the meantime, we are also apartment hunting.

This is my longest stay in a hotel. While I am not complaining and enjoying the great service and wonderful facilities, I can't wait to move into our own place. We arrived in Bangkok with 120+ kilos of baggage. There are still so many things that I forgot or we included in the shipment that I wish we had right now - my books, Javi's gear, toys, clothes and my clothes.

I found myself having time here, to the point that I feel...bored. I'm grateful I don't have household chores to do. So when Jed goes off to work, I am left taking care of Javi.

The real superstar here is the little boy. He seems to love Bangkok. He suddenly turned into Mr. Congeniality, waving at hotel guests, hotel staff, and just about everyone. And they just adore him. Hotel staff would give him candies and one gave him a toy. People would give up their seat on the train for us. We actually feel special. Amidst all the attention and new surroundings, Javi finally took his first steps. We can now go around while he holds on to one hand. So proud of my little boy.

Javi likes hanging out by the pool where he waves at the hotel staff and guests

He likes to play under the room service cart. Think it's time to buy him a toy car.

I am slowly exploring what this city has to offer us. Well, things are looking up. I like what I see. Bangkok is definitely promising. It may be a bit difficult going around with the little boy. I miss not having a car. Although I doubt if I would want to drive here. Traffic is as crazy as Manila's. Riding the BTS Skytrain is convenient but it can be pretty exhausting when you are carrying an 11kg baby/toddler plus the stroller. However, Javi seems to like the train. He would play and touch anyone who sits next to us. Oh dear...

We go around like this -- I carry him on a sling.

Walking the streets of Bangrak

The street leading to the Shangri-la

You know you're in Thailand when Ronald McDonald greets you this way

And you get served pineapple pie

Apart from the hotel, the only place we have been to is Siam Paragon. This week, I will attempt to check out Dean & Deluca and finally attend church service. Well what have you, it's the Christmas weekend.

Our weekend getaway, Siam Paragon

My two boys and the gingerbread house

Jed and Javi outside Siam Paragon

We are also apartment hunting. No one ever told me looking at apartments is enjoyable. The apartment units here are impressive. Fully furnished with the latest appliances and furniture. Magnificent view. Has a pool, playground, and gym. We need to find the right one within our budget. I kind of like this one unit which is walking distance to Dean & Deluca.

Grocery shopping is fun. Can you imagine finding your favorite bottle of shampoo in Thai characters? I am relying on my memory to remember the exact packaging of the brands of the items I buy in the Philippines. So far it has failed me. I thought this orange soda was Royal Tru-Orange then I found out days later that it was Fanta Orange. I know there's going to be a lot of trying out several items until I find the one thing which suits our taste and needs.

Well hello 7-11. You have been missing in Cebu, but now you're everywhere.

Lay's potato chips in out of this world flavors such as
cheese & barbeque together, cheese and onion, etc.

There was a moment of panic when we could not find a single distilled water for Javi. I had to text Javi's pediatrician in the Philippines to ask her if we can use the regular mineral water. We asked around and distilled water is non-existent in Thailand. Oh, but we are in the land of Mamy Poko. This brand of diaper is the most expensive diaper in the Philippines. I am just too happy Mamy Poko is everywhere. I have a feeling it may even be sold in their version of a sari-sari store.

Mamy Poko diapers

I loved Bangkok since the first time I visited in 2002. And I still loved it when I made another trip in 2006. Four years later, I'm still loving it.

I have a feeling I will be blogging more. There's just too much to write about and share.

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