Daghang Salamat, Cebu!

I am writing this entry from our hotel room in Bangkok. And this only means, we have left our home for two years, Cebu City.

Cebu and I did not start out right. I felt unhappy and very lonely when I moved there. I was missing my family, friends and my job. Then it got worse, as pregnancy hormones made me dislike Cebu more. Jed's solution for my sanity was my monthly trips to Manila until I gave birth to Javi. Then I had a change of heart.

Cebu was not new to me. When I was still working, I would be flying to Cebu two to three times a year. That made me familiar with the streets of Cebu. I sort of knew my way around already. My business contacts turned out to be friends after a while. I had always enjoyed my trips to Cebu.

If someone asked me what was the best thing that happened to me in Cebu?

My answer would always be, "Javi."

He was made and born in Cebu. I truly believe that God intended for Jed and I to be in Cebu and that our son would be conceived there. Now that made Cebu another city that will always hold a special place in my heart - the way Baguio will always remain special.

It was amazing how God stretched me, and how He changed my heart. My heart and mind were closed when I arrived in Cebu. I even said I would be okay if I ended up not meeting new people, "I do have friends but they're back in Manila." Now how selfish was that.

Then I had a change of heart. God led me to different people who had shown nothing but kindness to us. I met the most wonderful family Jed and I have ever known and the sweetest group of ladies. He also led us to church which felt like family. Guess what, my circle of friends has grown.

It was because that I saw Cebu in a different light. Also because of him that I appreciate living in Cebu. And I finally knew why we had to be there. Manila was just too stressful and Cebu was the perfect place to adjust to motherhood.

I will miss our spur of the moment weekend getaways. Ah.. the beach which was only a couple of hours car ride. Cebu traffic is awesome. It will take you 10 minutes to wherever you want to go. I had no problem with my weekly trips to the mall with Javi even if we didn't have to bring the car. I love that I would be on the phone and in 5 minutes, a taxi will be waiting for me outside. I had no trouble finding a taxi in Cebu. I also have no problem driving in Cebu. It felt like driving in Bulacan but you're actually in Manila minus the traffic in EDSA, the scary bus/taxi/jeepney drivers.

Let us not forget about the food. Oh my goodness, I left Cebu adding unwanted pounds. Food is wonderful and cheap. Jed and I have our favorites. I will miss Abaseria, Rica's, Café Laguna, Cafe Marco, Ching Palace for their crab, 10 Dove Street, Krua Thai (although I won't be missing Thai cuisine), Casa Verde, La Marea, and my list goes on.

I will miss my waxer who comes to the house. I will also miss Elements Salon for the very affordable mani/pedi and foot spa. I almost forgot about the massages. Spas are all over Cebu. But the best would always be Chi, The Spa of Shangri-la Mactan.

A chapter of my life has closed. With the fondest memories of Cebu. When Javi is a bit older, we will go back for a visit, and it will be nostalgic.

Right now, as we start our life here in Bangkok, I am keeping an open mind and trust that God will lead us to the right places and people.

Note: Jed and Irma's I ♥ CEBU shirts were courtesy of the Villarins.

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