Christmas Away from Home

For clarification, "home" in the title refers to my home country, the Philippines. Although, home for me now is where my two boys are.

Back to to my Christmas experience in a Buddhist country. Have you ever had one of those days where you try so hard to go well but it didn't? Now that was how Christmas day went for me. Christmas eve was great. We had dinner at the cafe. I even caught two fireworks display.

Merry Christmas!

The dessert station is calling my name!

My two loves

About to try the candied apple

It actually started right, I woke up early and headed to the gym for a bit of exercise. Got back to our room the same usual time as Jed had to work that day. Christmas day is not a holiday in Thailand. I had a whole day of activities planned for Javi and me, and later with Jed.

I was supposed to finish sorting the laundry as quick as possible, then Javi and I were to brave the train ride to go to Dean & Deluca for my cup of coffee. Then back just in time for to check out the hotel's activities for kids for Christmas. We would then meet Jed before 2 o'clock to view several apartment units with our broker. We would've ended the day at Central to watch the lights and what have you.

What actually happened was, it took a lot longer sorting the laundry. I got caught up with distractions here and there. Javi and I left for Dean & Deluca just in time for lunch. Eek!

Iced latte from Dean & Deluca

A photo by the Christmas tree taken by a kind-hearted stranger

We got back in the hotel and we hardly had time to go check out the Christmas activities for the kids. I was hoping Javi could catch a nap but he was too excited, he did not sleep. Then off we went to meet our broker. And we were apartment hunting on Christmas afternoon.

Apartment viewing #1

Apartment viewing #2

The apartment viewing tired me out that by the time we reached the mall, I was in no mood to walk some more. Vertigo hit me while I was changing Javi's diaper in a tiny kiosk. It would have been nice to check out the new mall we were in. Maybe some other time.

We headed to CentralWorld as we heard they had all these activities for Christmas. Coming from a country who celebrates Christmas as early as September, I didn't see anything exciting. The highlight of our time in CentralWorld, looking for a diaper changing station. Javi's timing couldn't have been more perfect. Vertigo attacked again. We decided it was time to go back to the hotel. The walk from CentralWorld to the Siam BTS station was far. Talk about people traffic on the middle part of the walkway. I was so tempted to suggest we take a cab instead but traffic anywhere we look at was not moving. This incident made me miss the Philippines, Cebu, our car, the festivities with my family and friends. I was crying while walking to the Siam station.

When we reached our room, I curled up in the bed and asked Jed to order my comfort food of Spaghetti Carbonara. Then I just slept.

I wished Christmas was more memorable for the little one. We couldn't splurge on gifts as we were running low on cash. Payday is still a week away. Jed gave the little boy a remote controlled car and this xylophone. Guess what, he enjoys the xylophone more. I just love how he wants the simpler things in life.

Javi with the gift he most enjoys

Praying that our New Year celebration willl be much better. I have a feeling it will be. Jed is off from work. Payday is here. Happy days are here.

Note: I started writing this entry 27th of December but couldn't finish it due to a terrible migraine attack. I only finished it today, December 30.

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