Our Next Destination

Our time in Cebu is up. Just when I have finally adjusted living here and begun calling this city, our home.

My prayer at the beginning of the year is to move back to Manila. Let's just say God has a better plan.

Jed is being transferred to Bangkok, Thailand. The three of us are off to the land of Buddhas, beautiful beaches, wonderful food and endless shopping.

We are targeting to move in three weeks. Yes, I'm calling on the Lord every single day for supernatural energy. I am way too overwhelmed right now. But somehow, everything is falling in its proper places. This only proves how this move is God's plan for us.

About three months ago, I told my two close friends how I feel like we would be leaving Cebu soon. There's that unmistakable gut feel, the same feeling I had the year I announced I am about to meet Mr. Right. True enough, that was the year Jed came into my life.

I am finally settled here in Cebu. The three of us are enjoying living an uncomplicated life. I've established my routine. Javi and I have been used to our weekly trips running errands. Weekends are spent going around the city or maybe a trip to the beach or mountains. We have our own community - friends, church, etc. In a way, I am happier living in Cebu than Manila. There's that feeling of contentment.

However, whenever I would reach my comfort zone, God will turn everything around and get me out of it. He wouldn't want me feeling complacent. And I am just so grateful as He has bigger plans for my life. He knew I could do so much more.

I am excited at the thought of my little boy traveling. I can't wait to see that first stamp on his passport. I look forward to new adventures with my two boys. Living far away from family and friends had taught us the importance of this family. We only have the three of us. That's how we build the foundation of our family.

It is normal to feel sad as I would be much farther away from my family and good friends. With the influx of social media, it is now easier to stay in touch. And they can always avail of airline promo fares and visit us in our new home.

Living in Cebu has opened my eyes to new discoveries, new friends and new opportunities. It has equipped and prepared me for this move to Bangkok. See, God has a purpose for everything.

I am going to miss the easy way of life in Cebu, driving around as I possibly cannot drive in Bangkok. Uh hello, right-hand drive. It's going to be challenging living without a car. But we'll live. Javi and I will say hello to the skytrain.

At this point, I just choose to obey and trust God's plan for us. And it had always been for our good.

The best thing that happened to Jed and I in Cebu is Javi.

I wonder what Bangkok has in store for us?

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