Happy to Be Back in Baguio

After three years, Jed and I were back in Baguio. We haven't been back since our wedding day. What's different now is we have a one year old little boy in town which makes the trip more enjoyable and difficult at the same time. Can you guys imagine an almost 5-hour road trip with a toddler?

We almost did not push through with the trip as my mother was rushed to the hospital the night before due to stroke-like symptoms. But as we all know, the Lord is good, my mother is alright and we were off to Baguio.

I felt nostalgic as we approached Baguio City.
We couldn't wait to smell the scent of pine trees and feel the cold breeze again.
That city has left with me with only good memories.

We stayed at The Manor again.
I got us a room with a balcony as to get a glimpse of the garden and the gazebo.

We loved how the hotel is decorated for Christmas.

As the weather is cooler, we have an excuse to cover up and cuddle.

Another reason why we love visiting Baguio? Food trip!

Strawberry shake from The Forest House

Strawberry shortcake from Le Chef
How this reminds me of our wedding cake.

Kamote bread from Cafe by The Ruins

You never leave Baguio without hoarding these goodies - raisin bread from Baguio Country Club and ube and strawberry jams from Good Shepherd.

Oh, we will definitely go back.

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