34 Is The New 24

Who am I kidding, right? Hahaha!

There was a time in my life when I thought I'd like to be 24 forever. Looking back, that was never a good year. I'd definitely prefer being where I am right now with all the wisdom I have learned through time.

My birthdays are somehow the most important day in my life. It's not a holiday which I share with everyone. This holiday/special occasion is mine alone.

Last year's birthday was pretty sad for me. Jed was in Manila for some training. I was left home with an eleven day old newborn. I was on the height of my postpartum depression. Family and friends were in Manila. I felt I was so alone.

But this year's was different, I had this joy the entire day. I knew upon waking up that is was going to be a good day. Well, Jed sort of put me in a good mood by letting me know what his gift was the evening before.

I got a card and a cake!

People close to me know how I much I love getting hand written cards. And I look for it first. Plus points for Jed for writing me a card. Of course, I cried as I read his message, then my eyes lit up when I came across this line, "This serves as your pass to any treatment of your choice at Chi, The Spa!"

Christmas came early for me. I'm a sucker for massages. And I know that Shangri-la's Chi, The Spa is the mother of all spas. But I gave up on the idea of trying it out because a treatment is so darn expensive. And my husband doesn't get any discount.

Back to my special day, as it was a week day, I finished the household chore for that day. Then I joined Javi for a nap, I turned on our A/C and we woke up feeling refreshed.

My little boy and I went out to run errands. Then we found ourselves in Starbucks sipping my favorite toffee nut latte while enjoying a cookie together.

We then took the shuttle that will bring us to the resort where we will meet Jed for dinner. I had the best evening with my dinner dates.

To finish the evening, I had my massage while my wonderful husband looked after the little boy. Now what to do during my hour and a half treatment, I spent it praying. I thanked God for the 34 years He had given me, for blessing me with the right people and a great life. I prayed for the year ahead.

Now this is the after-treatment look. I honestly did not want the treatment to end. It was a worthwhile experience. I've ticked off an item from my Cebu bucket list.

Chi Spa, I'm not sure if I will see you again but it had been a wonderful experience.

I did not want the day to end. I was still smiling as we reached home and was hand-washing Javi's clothes.

I definitely felt the love as greetings poured in from family and friends all over the globe through SMS, Facebook.

Even if were only the three of us, I had the best time. Why wouldn't it be when I was with the two very important persons in my life.

Looking forward to a fantastic year ahead. And it's going to be a good one.

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