There's A Reason Why

God works in the most amazing way. Every thing that we do has a purpose. Often we only get to understand WHY a little late in life. And that's when I realize how awesome God is. He has the perfect timing.

There is a reason why:

... we moved here to Cebu
... I had to be away from the family I grew up with
... I had to quit the job I loved so much
... I did not hire a yaya or househelp
... I couldn't find some of the things I am used to here in Cebu such as Gardenia
bread, 7-11 and Wendy's
... we keep on putting off buying that beautiful shoe rack
... could not buy that LCD TV
... keeps on pulling me out of my comfort zone


God loves me and my family so much.
He is ever-faithful.
He wants me to grow and that's why he gets me out of my comfort zone.
He only wants the best for me.


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