Manila Traffic, Here We Come!

Less than a week from now, the three of us will be breathing the polluted air of Metro Manila and sitting through traffic. My thoughts, "I'm home!"

After savoring the good quiet life in Cebu for almost five months straight, my family is taking a trip to Manila. We are celebrating the little boy's first birthday there. We thought it'd be economical to fly to Manila and hold the party there than ask family and friends to come to Cebu.

I am planning a "destination" Halloween-themed birthday in Manila for Javi from Cebu. I never realized planning a kiddie party could be this stressful. We are even keeping it simple. Grateful for family and my two wonderful girlfriends for taking care of things in Manila for me.

I cannot wait to spend time with family and friends as we dine in my favorite restaurants. Yes, it's still about food. Hope to see you Apartment 1B, Mrs. Jones, Chelsea, Cibo new restaurants out there and my list goes on. Although, I am dreading seeing people and telling me I've gained weight. Please be kind and not mention it. Let's focus on Javi instead.

Manila malls equate to shopping. I have been holding off buying clothes here for when I can make that trip to Zara where they sell "forgiving" clothes. I have heard a lot of things about Forever 21, so let's troop to Megamall then.

Javi will get to visit his Lolo Bining's grave on November 1. My family in Bulacan places much importance on this day.

Then Jed, Javi and I will take a road trip to the North, and spend a couple days in the City of Pines. I probably will be going on and on to Javi, "This is where your father and I were married... etc etc" I am pretty sure he will give me the look of "What are you talking about, Mommy?"

I'm also glad we will be with my mother to celebrate her birthday. I know that her birthday wishes includes spending her special day with her dearest grandchild.

I am bracing myself for a very hectic time in Manila. Oh how I've missed you!!


  1. Are you celebrating your birthday there too Irma? :-)

  2. No we're not, Sam. We're going back to Cebu on Nov 7th. Jed needs to get back to his job. :-)


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