I Like It On...

At home, on the rocking chair or on the couch.
In a restaurant, on a chair or the table.

I try to avoid the floor.

Now what the heck am I talking about?

I'm sure you have seen Facebook statuses with "I like it on" followed by an object or a place. I ignored it the first time I saw it. Then I saw more statuses flooding Facebook which made it hard to dismiss. And I knew it meant something or it stands for something. I found out only today what IT stands for.

It means PURSE, and not something else you green minds.

The status is a girl thing. It is meant to raise the curiosity of as many readers and then followed by a reminder for everyone that October is the Breast Cancer Awareness month.

As soon as I learned what the campaign is for, I immediately changed my Facebook status. When you have a mother who had breast cancer twice, fought and survived it, then I'm all support for any breast cancer awareness campaign. I plan to be more involved as soon as Javi is a bit older. I like the idea of being involved in organizing an event like the Pink Kitchen of the I Can Serve Foundation or a Run/Walk for a Cause.

I've heard from my OB-GYNE that Cebu Doctors University Hospital is offering discounts on sonomammogram and mammogram this month. I will take advantage of this and go for one when Jed is off from work. Remember, prevention is better than cure.

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