Family Values

A recent episode of Modern Family touched on family values. Claire realized how he needs to instill some values in their household especially for her teen-age daughter, Hailey. Now that got me into thinking about family values. And as a parent now, Jed and I would need to identify values we want Javi and maybe our future will need to live by.

I couldn't help but reminisce how my parents had raised me, and my siblings, up. I had an old-fashioned conservative parents. They both were much older when they had me. Although my mother was younger than me when she gave birth to me. My father was in his forties. This only means that generation gap existed.

I grew up in an ideal family. There's the father, mother, me, my brother and a sister. Father was the man of the house and a very good provider. My mother was a full-time housewife and mother. She ended up to be the disciplinarian as my siblings and I spent more time with her as my father earns a living. But my father always had the last say. He was like our king and we would be serving. Don't get me wrong, my father was not that I-would-just-sit-here-and-do-nothing-type of man. He served us, too.

I saw my mother submit and served my father. And the way she taught me and my siblings how our father comes first in everything else.

I remember fondly how I looked forward to weekends because that's when he would cook for us. Even if he only cooked sardines or corned beef. I remember to this day how it tasted.

Birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, and even special non-working holidays such as Independence day were a reason to dine out. We loved eating out as a family. And we still do that, even up to this day and without our father.

The reason why I get hooked on family-oriented shows such as 7th Heaven, Brothers & Sisters and Modern Family is because I can relate to the stories. My siblings and I are bonded like glue. My happiest moments in Bulacan were when we would be talking about nothing significant and we'd end up laughing our hearts out. We also bonded while watching showbiz talk shows on a Sunday afternoon and we would fire out our opinions and unsolicited advices about the lives of celebrities. We love doing things together.

Now that I'm married and away from them, I try to be updated with their lives through the social networking sites. When I text one of them, I would cc the other two. We constantly update each other about what's going on in our lives. Even at airports before getting on a flight, the second to the last thing I would do is text them that I am boarding. Then upon landing I would let them know I've arrived safely. I got used to that.

Our parents taught us to put our family first. They made sure the family name is taken care of. Now this means we, the children, cannot be foolish enough to do stupid things that would put my parents into shame.

I am blessed pretty well and at how God blessed me with this kind of family. The values that they instilled on us is their legacy which I hope to pass on to my little boy and future kids.

We are the Walkers, Camdens and Pritchetts in our own little way.

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