And Then We Are Three

I'm writing this entry at 11:04 in the evening of October 29th. Last year, on this same time, I was in the delivery room of Cebu Doctors University Hospital and my OB-GYNE just called Jed as I was about to give birth. Two hours and twelve minutes after, there he was - the most perfect baby boy, our Javi.

And life changed drastically after that.

Motherhood becomes me.

Suddenly, our once quiet world is now filled with cries, late nights, spilled milk, soiled diaper, baby poop, baby furniture and gadgets, toys and so on. But then it also comes with the best scent in the world, a newborn baby's scent, and the softest smoothest skin. Now there's my piece of heaven.

The road called motherhood is no easy route. I said goodbye to sleeping in, alone time, gym time, movie watching, regular book reading, regular pampering time, well-styled hair do, regular time with girlfriend, and sadly date nights with Jed.

As a full-time hands-on mother, I have mastered the skill of changing diapers, carrying Javi with arm and eating with the other hand, catching sleep while holding the little boy's bottle or putting him to sleep, taking 5-minute showers, cleaning feeding bottles, handwashing his clothes every single evening and cooking simple meals. Oh, and finding time for the call of nature had never been this difficult.

I assumed that since we didn't get a nanny to help us with taking care of Javi, I would've saved our family money. Well, that did not appear true as we ended up buying as many baby gear/gadget/furniture to help me with Javi. There's the baby pouch, a sturdy crib, the lightest stroller which opens with one hand, a car seat, a Bumbo seat, a Jumperoo, and a high chair to name a few.

In spite of all the sleepless nights, the non-stop crying, and his constant need of my attention, the joy he gave Jed and me are immeasurable. I had no idea I am capable of loving, caring and protecting a person this way. This one person needs more than anyone in the world. And I feel it by the way he looks at me and the way his little arms hug me.

Jed and I only want the best for our little boy. Yes we will protect him and keep him safe but we do not want him living a sheltered life. He traveled with me back and forth to Manila. We go on out of town trips and enjoy the sun, sand and sea. When I have to run errands, I carry him on a baby sling. Javi and I go out of the house on a weekday and just hang out in the mall. He joins when there is a need to satisfy my caffeine craving. We enjoy a cup of frozen yogurt. He's my best buddy and keeps me company while Jed works long hours.

I love our little family. We figure things out and it just works perfectly.

My dream is to travel the world with him. I want him to see the world. And that dream is about to come true very very soon.

Javi has brought the worst and best in me.

Happy Birthday Javier!!

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