Jo Rubio

I have a friend way back in grade school, his name is Jo. Jo Rubio. And he makes beautiful dresses.

He made my wedding dress.

Photo by Imagineer Digital

I wanted Monique Lhuillier but I obviously cannot afford her. On second thought, I don't think I will get that special TLC had I gotten Monique to make my dress.

When I got engaged, I more or less know what I wanted except who would make my dress. I asked my friend Samantha who was also getting married almost the same time who was making hers. And her answer, "Si Jo" suddenly brought clarity and enlightenment. Of course. Why didn't I think of that in the first place?

Jo is shy. And he stayed silent about his accomplishments. He is not the type to spring himself all over forcing you to get his services.

But boy he is excellent.

And I should've just let picked out the perfect style for me. We had a little incident where I told him I wanted this certain style and I fitted the dress, it didn't look the one for me. So a couple of weeks before the big day, he completely changed the style of my dress to one that suit my body type.

And it was gorgeous. It was me. I didn't want a flamboyant wedding dress. I wanted a simple dress. Without telling him, Jo made me this veil/long train. I was secretly wishing I'd walk down the aisle with a long train.

Post-ceremony pictorial by Imagineer Digital

Post-ceremony pictorial by Imagineer Digital

Post-reception pictorial by Imagineer Digital

On the happiest day of my life, I wore the perfect dress. Jo was there helping me get dressed for my wedding. He was actually the last person I saw before I walked down the aisle.

He made me a couple more dresses which I wore to weddings. They were beautiful. I just wish he was closer so he can continue to dress me up.

I'm happy to learn he finally opened a shop in Makati. Clients from Manila do not need to travel to Bulacan to see him.

Interested to know more about Jo, please check him out on Facebook, Jo Rubio Designs, and click like.
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