Read Your Bible (Small Change #4)

Oh how I miss blogging. I couldn't blog lately as I was taking care of a baby who was down with diarrhea and a nasty diaper rash. And today his condition has finally improved.

Back to my Small Changes for a Better Life series. And I will talk about the Bible today. I have a feeling the title would turn off a number of people and would strike them off as too religious.

Let me share with you a tweet which I found most interesting --

"To most Christians, the Bible is like a software license. Nobody actually reads it. They just scroll to the bottom and click "I agree."

Sad but very true. Growing up we have several bibles in the house which collected dust. I would only open one when I had to do my homework. I remember how my father would open his brown huge hardbound bible every Holy Week.

Then my life changed as I wanted to get to know Christ in a special way and I was drawn to His word. It all started with attending bible studies or small groups and this little book called The Daily Bread.

I made a trip to OMF Literature and I was this clueless woman who was in awe with the many types of bibles at the shelves. And they come in fun colors, not the boring black or brown hard cover. I was also pleased to find out that there were several versions which I could finally understand. I never realized bible reading could be enjoyable.

I own three bibles now. And they have to be in the shades of pink. One is my devotional bible, a backpack bible which I bring to church or when I travel, and another one in my room in Bulacan.

I am very OC when it comes with my other books. There would be no crease or dog ears as if it has never been opened. However my bibles are different - pages had been folded, verses highlighted - they look worn. Why wouldn't they be when I refer to it every single day.

One time when I was abroad on a business trip with my Miranda (Devil Wears Prada) like boss, I was reading His word in the morning or in the evening after my events. It helped me get through the trip without being fired. I was really scared I would do something stupid and I would end without a job.

I made a habit of reaching for my bible and reading it first thing in the morning. Last year, I finished reading the entire bible. I would like to read it again, from Genesis to Revelation. The stories in the bible are most interesting. Adam and Eve. Noah. Abraham. Isaac. Jacob. Moses. Joseph. David... JESUS... Paul. Peter. John.

The Bible is the most interesting as it was written by God himself. I get to read about His promises, how much He loves us. It's where God speaks to us. If you're seeking wisdom, then the bible is where you should go. Read. Study. Hear. Memorize. Devour.

For today, I will read my bible.

For tomorrow, I will keep on reading my bible.

For this week, I will keep on reading until I finish the entire bible.

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  1. What a wonderful habit that you have Irma! A life without God's Word is just unimaginable to me.


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