Of Koalas and Kiwis

I had been busy these past couple of weeks working on the joint event of Austrade and New Zealand Trade. Apparently, I learned from my first work-from-home experience and I took on another project.

I was very close to saying "no" to the project as my presence is required at the food expo and reception. Of course, my priority is taking care of Javi. Then my wonderful husband urged me to take the project and he will go on leave and take care of our son for four days. Miracles of miracles, his leave was immediately approved.

And my earnings from this project could finally buy me a Wii Fit Plus AND the Wii console. Off we go!

It was a delight working with colleagues I have worked with a few years back. This project was shorter than the first one I worked on. And I learned from my mistakes the first time, I was more focused now. There were not too many late nights except on the first weekend when I had to send out invitations.

That weekend was chaotic. As I had to fax the invitations out, I needed a fax machine. I went out to buy one and I went home with this - a fax machine, printer, scanner, and copier.

An HP Officejet J4660 All-In-One Printer

Alright, so I have a new toy, but the clincher was I had to learn how to use my new toy right away as I had a deadline. I also had to re-learn how to mail merge, use Outlook to open my work Gmail, send HTML e-mails, etc. I miss Jerry!! He used to do all these things for me at the embassy.

Things have changed now that I am a mother. I brought Javi with me when I had to pick-up the lamb which was used at the reception from the airport and deliver it to the chef. At the food expo, I brought my little boy with me while Jed had to run an errand.

With Javi at the lobby of the Waterfront. Note that he is wearing my badge.

I never thought I'd be working on a food show again.

It's like I never left the embassy. Coordinating food shows and reception are probably in my blood stream by now. I missed it. I am happy I had this chance to work on the same things again, and with the same people. I couldn't help but remember my golden days at the embassy when food shows and reception were still enjoyable.

I couldn't be any happier that I was surrounded by cheeses. I've died and gone to cheese haven. And kiwi fruit, too! These are the products that Canada do not bring in to the Philippines so it's all new to me.

Meet Zespri's kiwi mascots

To my utmost surprise, I was even offered a job towards the end of the show plus the likelihood of coordinating future events in Cebu for New Zealand Trade. When my only objective was to earn enough to buy my Wii/Wii Fit. I'd have to think hard about the job offer.

I could not thank my husband enough for his encouragement, support and the time he put in to take of Javi. We all know it's not easy to be left alone with a baby. My cup overflows. I am so blessed with Jed.

Now it's back to wife and mommy mode for me.

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